Your HVAC system should give you the comfort that it promised since the day you decided to install it in your home. If this unit is stressing you out for the discomfort it is causing you recently, what’s the point of having it in the first place? Here are the signs that you should call your trusted HVAC Dayton company to replace your unit. 

HVAC System

1. Weird Noises 

One of the most prominent signs of HVAC failure is strange noises. If you hear metallic noises such as scraping, clanking or grinding, the interior parts of your system might be grinding against each other. These noises might be heard from the fan and motor, but can also be heard in other parts of your house. If the problem is minimal, new HVAC parts may solve the issue. However, if the damage is severe, a replacement is recommended to avoid further problems and safety threats. 

2. Faulty temperature control 

If you noticed that the temperature of your home feels unusually humid than before, it might mean that your HVAC needs repair. Nevertheless, if you are aware that your unit is getting older and showing the signs of wear, it’s ideal that you opt for replacement. Keep the temperatures of your home comfortable while ensuring the safety of your family. 

3. Frequent repair 

Admit it, HVAC repair cost is expensive. And yet, instead of opting for practical solutions, in the long run, frugal homeowners spend bucks for fleeting resolutions. HVAC replacement might be costly, but frequent repairs are pricier after a long time.  

4. Mold Growth 

Mold is a harmful substance that you don’t want to be in your home. Increase in contaminant levels and uninspected leaks can cause mold to form around your HVAC unit. Instead of ignoring this sign, dealing with mold and its underlying major issues as soon as possible is the best action. 

5. A sudden increase in electrical cost 

The culprit behind your electric bill that is unusually higher than before might be your faulty HVAC system. A malfunctioning unit tends to overwork which then increases the energy cost of your home. By installing a new system in your home, you’ll be able to enjoy a modern unit with its energy saving feature. Expect lower electrical bills and more comfortable temperature that you deserve. 

6. Safety concern  

When signs of malfunction are neglected, your HVAC unit can quickly pose a threat to the health of your family.  It can cause carbon monoxide poisoning that shows symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and fatigue. The faulty unit can also result in incorrect air filtration that can lead to respiratory illnesses and problems. 

Aside from health hazards, a malfunctioning HVAC can also cause electrical issues, fire, and safety threat. A water leakage in the unit interior might drain into the system’s components which then create the possibility of equipment failure which then leads to electrical shock. If these safety threats aren’t enough to convince you to replace your faulty HVAC, I don’t know what will.